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Clear Braces at Relaxation Dental

Are you tired of looking in the mirror at crooked, misaligned, or spaced out teeth? Straightening out your smile with Invisalign will not only improve your appearance - it will also improve your overall oral health. When it comes to choosing a treatment, there are many reasons you might choose Invisalign over traditional braces. For your convenience, our team of dental specialists at Relaxation Dental offers Invisalign treatments to straighten your crooked or misaligned smile.

Smile Confidently with Invisalign

Crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth can lead to a variety of dental health and self-esteem issues. Crooked teeth are prone to trapping food, which directly leads to tooth decay. Misaligned teeth are also easily damaged from jaw clenching (bruxism) and TMJD, a disorder in the jaw joint. Overtime, TMJD, and bruxism can destroy your smile. Invisalign restores your bite, so you can chew properly without damaging your teeth. With Invisalign, you will experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Healthy gums from straighter teeth

  • Less uneven staining

  • Less trapped food that leads to cavities

  • Functional bite with less traumatic damage

  • Less grinding and clenching teeth

  • Less jaw, head, and neck tension

  • Younger looking smile that you will want to share

Invisalign gives you all of the orthodontic benefits of traditional braces without the inconveniences.

How Does Invisalign Works?

Invisalign realigns your teeth by using a series of custom-made plastic aligners created specifically for your unique bite and teeth misalignment. For optimal comfort, aligner trays are made out of a smooth, invisible plastic material. The Invisalign trays go over your teeth and gradually shift your teeth without the need of metal brackets or tight wires.

Invisalign is the most convenient orthodontic treatment, allowing you to get a beautiful smile without hindering your daily life.

For a Successful Invisalign Treatment

Like any orthodontic treatment, if you want the treatment to work, you will need to commit to a regimen. For a more successful treatment, you should abide by the following:

  • Wear your Invisalign trays for 20-22 hours per day

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day

  • Clean your aligner trays daily with warm water or special rinse

  • Change your trays out every 2 weeks

  • Make it to your 6-week check-up appointments

Putting in extra effort to wear your aligner trays for the allotted time will help your treatment remain efficient.

Invisalign vs Traditional Braces

Invisalign and traditional braces both serve the same function of straightening out your smile. When it comes to choosing between traditional braces and Invisalign, each treatment has its own unique advantages.

With traditional braces, metal brackets are glued to the teeth, then fastened together with wires and small rubber bands. As you can imagine, metal colored brackets and wires are not a discreet orthodontic option, and they can’t be removed from the mouth for eating and cleaning.

While Invisalign technology has come a long way and can correct a multitude of advanced orthodontic cases, traditional braces are sometimes a better option in correcting complex situations. Braces are sometimes a good option for patients with little self-discipline.

Since traditional braces are glued to the teeth, patients don’t have to worry about remembering to wear the orthodontia throughout the day. At the same time, traditional braces are harder to clean, so it’s important for less disciplined patients to keep up with their oral health routine.

Traditional braces also cause significantly more discomfort than Invisalign. The metal brackets and wires in braces can cause painful sores and cuts, especially in the beginning of the treatment. The metal abrasiveness of braces can even be dangerous if you or your child regularly plays rough contact sports. The heavy cement used in traditional braces also puts the patient at risk for experiencing tooth discoloration or breakage.

Who is a Candidate For Invisalign?

When it comes to being a viable candidate for Invisalign, age is a factor. While there isn’t a cutoff age for Invisalign, patients should be over the age of 13. This is because children’s teeth tend to grow past the age of 13. Not to mention, younger patients are less likely to have the discipline to wear their aligners for the appropriate amount of time.

Free Consult for Invisalign

At Relaxation Dental, we offer free consultations to determine your candidacy for Invisalign. If Invisalign is a good option for your bite alignment, we will take x-rays and impressions of your mouth to make a further analysis of your treatment. At this time, we will also be able to see if you are eligible for orthodontic insurance, as well as discuss the cost and timeline of the treatment.

After our analysis, we will send your records and instructions to Invisalign, where they will make your custom aligner trays.

Choose Relaxation Dental for Invisalign

We make your Invisalign treatment process as convenient and comfortable as possible. You will only need to attend check-up appointment every six weeks, where we will make sure your treatment is advancing successfully. Towards the end of your treatment, we will also design a retention orthodontia, making sure your smile doesn’t shift throughout time. Call us today to schedule your free Invisalign consultation.

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