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Doctor Nick Brown

What is Dr. Brown's "approach" to dental care??

"My goal is to offer the absolute best care to achieve optimal oral health. I want to help my patients be in control of their oral health. We achieve this together with education, excellent preventative care, a minimally invasive approach, & a huge focus on patient comfort. Should more advanced procedures be needed, I can save my patients time & money by not needing them to travel to or pay specialists higher fees. I am extensively educated, trained, & practiced in these areas.

If fear of pain is a factor holding you back, then I am your doc. I didn't like that I saw patients needing to go through so much more pain & suffering in dental care than in other healthcare fields. I hated that this often created a fear of & hesitancy in dental care. So, I sacrificed the time & money it took to become one of the very few dentists certified in oral and IV sedation procedures. This enables a stress-free, pain-free experience no matter how extensive (or not) your treatment plan is. I really am passionate about what I do & the amazing patients I have the privilege of caring for."

Dr. Nick Brown and Family

A bit more personal info about your dentist

Dr. Brown was one of 6 brothers and sisters, and was raised in Wasilla, AK until he was 14 years old. He obtained his GED early so that he could work as a contractor in Japan also working in California and Texas. He even began a competitive snowboarding sponsorship, but cut it short to serve a Christian mission in England.

After his return, he met his beautiful wife, Jessie, snowboarding the backcountry pass of Jackson Hole, WY. Together, they have 3 children; 10 yr old son, Kai, 8 yr old daughter, Taya, and 3 yr old daughter Trinlee.

Dr. Brown finished his undergraduate schooling at University of Oregon, in Lundquist College of Business Honors Program. After working in business management only a short while, he realized he had not arrived where he wanted to be. After much research, he and his wife realized that a career in Dentistry would fully utilize his various talents and his desire to make a difference. His family gave up a lot to support him through going back to school, but after just the first week, they knew it was worth it. He was almost shaking with excitement when he got home each day.

It was the beginning of a passion. Six years after quitting his stable business job to go back to school, his family celebrated with him as he graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI. Since then, he has jumped into dentistry, taking countless hours of continuing education in order to fulfill his career aspirations. He has expertly provided all aspects of dentistry to his patients while helping them, through various techniques such as Conscious Sedation, to achieve optimum dental health with minimum discomfort.

Dr. Brown truly enjoys getting to know others and their cultures/beliefs. In his free time, he loves working with his hands, creating/inventing/building things and volunteering for his church and scouting. He likes snowboarding, rock climbing, wake boarding, and almost any outdoor activity or sport. Above all else, he absolutely loves spending time and doing all of the above activities with his wife and kiddos.

As excited as he and his family were to support him in his career dreams, they all felt as though a part of them was being left behind when they left the mountains. It’s been a long winding road, and they couldn’t be happier that it has ended here in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Dr. Brown is grateful to be an integral part of this community and, in fact, Dr. Brown has rapidly become Summit's Top Dentist for many of the more advanced dental procedures. He especially looks forward to earning your trust and friendship, helping you to achieve a smile as epic as the area we live in.

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