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Dental health professionals deserve recognition for their dedication to helping their patients maintain good oral health. This month is the time to appreciate them and, at the same time, boost your efforts in keeping your mouth in good shape. As part of celebrating the National Dental Hygiene Month, the American Dental Association encourages everyone to promote a lifetime of healthy teeth. To participate, here’s what you should know.

The health of your gums is incredibly important. Many people don’t realize it, but good general health starts in the mouth, and this is because anything that is present in our mouths can enter our bodies – including bad bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Poor oral health can cause periodontal disease – a chronic inflammation of the gum tissue that results in bleeding gums, pain, loose teeth, jawbone deterioration and tooth loss. That’s not all either. Severe periodontal disease has been linked to chronic health conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even cancer. With this in mind, it’s clear just why we need to ensure that we don’t overlook our gum health in favor of worrying purely about our teeth.

Most people are taught to brush their teeth from an early age, but at the time we don’t fully appreciate how integral this oral hygiene practice is for keeping our teeth and mouth in good condition and for protecting our overall health. In fact, even now you may be surprised to discover that studies have uncovered a link between poor oral hygiene and many general health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some types of cancer. Gum disease in particular is thought to be responsible for many of these conditions, since it occurs when bacteria from plaque travel from the teeth and onto the soft tissue of the gums, where they can then penetrate the bloodstream and pass around the body. Poor oral hygiene can also cause issues such as decay, severe dental pain, staining and even tooth loss that will affect the appearance and function of your teeth.

Dental implants are non-natural teeth implanted into the jaw and mouth. Adults usually use them when they lose teeth thanks to the aging process. Most implants act, feel, and look like natural, healthy teeth.

Dental sedation is an option for patients with anxiety or difficulty undergoing oral surgery and other dental procedures. While generally safe and effective, many people often wonder how long it takes to wear off. Like many people, you may not know that there are several forms of sedation.

Your dental and oral health is extremely important. Not only will it affect the appearance of your smile, but it will also impact the function of your teeth and how long you can retain them. Many people are also surprised to learn that dental health can also impact on your overall well being. It is never too late to learn a little more about dental and oral health, so here are a few important facts to get you started.

Clear aligners are now the preferred choice of many patients who seek to improve the function and appearance of their teeth. Clear aligners are worn over the top of teeth and are custom designed specifically to the shape, size, and position of the patient's teeth. Once in place, their transparent material makes them very difficult to spot since there are none of the brackets and wires associated with traditional braces that make eating and caring for teeth difficult. With various different clear aligner solutions now available, how do you know which to choose? Two of the most popular are Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between them to help you decide which is right for you.

Professional teeth whitening is known for being a far more effective treatment than any available at-home whitening treatments. The higher strength of bleach, professional application, and use of the latest technologies ensures that patient safety and exceptional results are the main focus while the effects are proven to be longer-lasting than any alternatives. There are many different techniques available for professional whitening. Two of the most popular are DaVinci Teeth Whitening and Zoom Teeth Whitening. Here’s what you need to know about these extremely effective methods for transforming the color of your smile.

Missing teeth getting you down?  There are now more options available to help you restore your teeth. Two of the most popular are dental implants and dentures.

Many potential things can affect how we feel about the way that we look. For many people, it is their smile, and more specifically their teeth that give them the greatest cause for concern. You may not realize it, but one of the first things that you notice about someone is likely to be their smile and their teeth. As a key feature of our faces, our teeth can be very difficult to hide as eating, drinking and even talking exposes them. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, this can have a significant impact on your ability to interact with people around you. This is because many people who dislike the way that their teeth look will go out of their way to try and avoid showing them. This could mean covering your mouth with your hand when you smile or talk, or even skipping social situations. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dental treatments that can improve and enhance the appearance of your smile. By far the most popular is teeth whitening. 

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